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Avoid the Summer Slump This Year!

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We all love the warm months coming up filled with more frequent trips to the beach, lounging by a pool, or from our kid's point of view, basically ANYTHING other than school! While the break we get from the constant use of our brains is a welcome reprieve, the downside of this is known as the summer slump. This refers to the backsliding most students experience over the 3 month period between school years. Brain Restoration & Therapeutics has a solution for your family to avoid this issue this summer! We are offering our Play Attention program with a revised structure to allow for more hours per week coaching your child and finishing before the summer months come to an end. If you aren’t familiar with Play Attention, it is a video game based platform that aims at building focus, memory, social, academic, and executive functioning skills. However, these video games are different, mainly because there are NO controllers! Your student’s brain powers the games! This biofeedback style of cognitive training has been VERY effective for many people. Imagine your child starting next school year not only with retaining more of what they had previously learned, but with a whole new arsenal of skills that will serve them for a lifetime! We will work with your specific needs and schedule, but in order to fit the 40-contact hours recommended for solidifying these new skills, planning for approximately 3 to 4 hours per week would be necessary. We already have a few spots filled and anticipate the remaining ones filling up quickly. Please reach out to Liz at 910-319-7744 extension 112 to reserve your preferred time slots.

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