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What is Brain Restoration and Therapeutics and What does it have to do with the Clinic for Special Children?


Integrative Therapeutics to Improve Brain Function and Optimize Quality of Life

More than a decade ago, Karen Harum, MD FAAP founded the Clinic for Special Children in an effort to give compassionate care to the most vulnerable of the pediatric community. Throughout her time as a doctor to children of all needs, Dr. Harum continued steadfast in her mission to restore brain function and bring optimal wellness to her patients. Many of the patients were deemed hopeless by other doctors but with their family's encouragement, Dr. Harum continued the pursuit of cognitive brain function and improved quality of life for children and gave families hope. If only just a few IQ points, improved communications, or less pain, Dr. Harum found that therapeutics changed many of her families' lives by improving brain function, neuroplasticity, and the quality of life for their special children. 

As the Clinic has grown, Dr. Harum has recruited a team of skilled professionals to bring Brain Restoration and Therapeutics to all populations! BR&T is a program within the Clinic for Special Children that offers consultations, Brain Testing, and Therapeutic Plans to improve brain function and optimize wellness! 


Computerized neuropsychological testing, Autonomic Nervous system Testing, Quantitative EEG Assessment, followed by Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), Nutritional IV Therapy, Bio/Neurofeedback Training, Integrated Listening Therapy, and Medical Grade Supplements are used globally, and within the Clinic for Special Children, as part of our integrative medicine practice for a number of diseases, injuries, and conditions. BR&T offers cutting-edge and traditional therapies, each therapeutic program offered delivers specific benefits and addresses specific needs.

Sign up for a free phone consultation with BR&T Director, Liz Darlington RN. Or browse through our options of therapeutics to learn more about exciting non-pharmacological options like Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy or Play-Based ADD treatments. Want to get your feet wet and see what works for other people who may have brain trauma, loss of cognitive function, low energy, immune issues, or a myriad of other modern ailments? Join the closed member forum to find people just like you and see if similar therapeutics are right for you!

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